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TokyoDex News: Thursday 11/9 Workshop at DNP Plaza + Friday 12/1, This&That Café Vol. 35 at SDLX

Dear friends and fellow art enthusiasts,

Greetings from Tokyo where the cold breeze is starting to feel a little less like Autumn and a little more like the beginning of Winter.

First up-- This&That Café is back! On December 1, Vol.35 marks our last event of

2017 and also celebrates the TokyoDex 5th Anniversary.    

In December of 2012, artist collective and creative agency TokyoDex was registered as a corporation in Tokyo, officially launching our dream of building a bridge between the art and business worlds in Japan. Five years later we're still here and stronger than ever, and what better place to commemorate this milestone than at our flagship event "This&That Cafe." Come join a multi-genre, all-star cast to celebrate 5 years of bold artistic exploration, profound collaboration and our tradition of bringing art to unexpected places. Check out the SuperDeluxe page and our Facebook page for details. 

*Please note that doors will open at 8pm for this event, instead of our regular 7:30pm opening time.

We are also excited to announce our first public #DexWorkshop on the evening of November 9 at DNP Plaza in Ichigaya. This workshop is designed to held cultivate creativity and enhance communication in the workplace through simple creative exercises. Everyone is welcome and the workshop is free, but please note that advanced Japanese language ability is required.

That's it from us for now, please see below for new video releases et al below under "Other News."

If you haven't already, please take this opportunity to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Instagram for all of the latest news on our events and new projects. Thanks always for your support and hope to see many of you soon! Team TokyoDex

Other News

Metlife Murals

One of the world’s largest life insurance companies, MetLife recently moved into two new Tokyo offices at Tokyo Garden Terrace and Olinas Tower, and the TokyoDex team was extremely excited to be adding four #DexMurals to these innovative spaces. We selected four artists--Mariya Suzuki, Shimpei Kashihara, Frankie Cihi and Takeru Iwazaki-- to create four carefully curated motifs for each area. When the artworks were complete, they both transformed the space and at the same time melded with the original office designs as if hey had always been there.  Please check out the photos here to see the amazing artworks come to life!

Our Creative Director Daniel Harris Rosen was featured in an article in the  ACCJ Journal about new office spaces in Japan, alongside MetLife Japan CEO Sachin N. Shah. You can find the article here.

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