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September DexNews: Mural Rookies Project, Clestra Office Art and DexTea Giveaway!

Mural Rookies Project

TokyoDex has recently launched the "Mural Rookies Project," designed for artists who want to try their hand at creating large works of art. Through this project, TokyoDex invites artists to paint on the entrance walls of our new office, and our team provides professional documentation of the process and results that can later be used to promote their work. It is our hope that this project will lead to further commercial opportunities for up-and-coming artists. The first artist to kick-start this project is Azusa Sekiguchi.

Azusa’s mural was inspired by Hanafuda (Japanese playing cards.) There are many theories as to the origin of Hanafuda, but one theory dates the Hanafuda to the Edo period when betting became illegal. In order to continue using playing cards and avoid getting caught, people started to use depictions of flowers and plants from all four seasons instead of the usual numbers or words. Azusa’s work depicts nature throughout the year, with the autumn leaves, plum blossoms and irises, allowing the viewer to experience the beauty of the four seasons in one single painting. The kanji character for beauty is drawn on a large scale to symbolize the hope that the world will be as beautiful as the word implies.

Check out the video of Azusa Sekiguchi's first venture into mural creation and the photos of her beautiful work. New murals will be created approximately every two months, so keep an eye out for the next one!

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Clestra Hauserman - Office Artwork

CLESTRA Hauserman recently opened their new EXPERIENCE CENTER (office and showroom) in central AKASAKA, and we were delighted to make it even more amazing with artwork curated by TokyoDex at the entrance.

Big thanks to Representative Director Fernando Iglesias for the opportunity and artist MAHARO for bringing his unique vision to the space.

More Photos


Warm Autumn Hōjicha "DexTea"

Enjoy the comfort of warm autumn tea “DexTea,” original TokyoDex tea locally grown and hand-picked by our friends at Odai-cha (@teafieldvilla.) The original DexTea package was designed by our own Mameko Maeda, who described her inspiration for the design as follows:

“The TokyoDex team is full of unique members, all with a playful spirit, and I wanted to reflect the spirit of the team through an illustration of a ‘tea-drinking tiger.’ The colors and composition are meant to grab the viewer’s attention, and I hope the package will become a conversation-starter with whoever receives this unique gift.”

We're giving away the DexTea to 10 people following our Instagram page. Click the link below for more information on how to apply!

Click For the Giveaway

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