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September 2022 DexNews


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This&That Café Vol.45 "Welcome Back"

Tokyo, it's been a while, but it's time. It’s time to take off those sweatpants and put on your dancing shoes. It’s time to gather, create and participate. To reclaim your creativity and to reconnect. To question, to listen and to be heard. And what better place to do all of this (and that) than at our new home in the incredible creative space of SHIBUYA QWS? Join us for good vibes and great live performances. We can't wait!


A Dream Interview with both Client and Artist Released!

It's rare for TokyoDex to be able to visit an office again after we complete an office-art project, so this special visit to KDDI research atelier made a lasting impression. We did a Vision Wall project with KDDI in 2021, and then went back to visit the site where we met the project leader Mr. Yazaki as well the artists WHOLE9. Mr. Yazaki explained why he decided to engage us for the Vision Art workshop as well as sharing employee reactions afterwards, and WHOLE9 told us about their inspiration for their artwork.


Vision Art Workshop at SHIBUYA QWS!

TokyoDex held a Vision Art workshop at SHIBUYA QWS.

In the workshop, participants discussed the theme of “Empathy.” Artist Tanochi then created a digital artwork using motifs and keywords that emerged from the workshop and the artwork created by the participants.

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