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November DexNews: New Projects for Tokyo Port City Takeshiba and EY Japan!

Tokyo Port City Takeshiba - Wall Art

In preparation for the opening of Tokyo Port City Takeshiba, TokyoDex was asked to create a mural that blended digital and analog elements on the 76-meter long wall on the 8th floor (called the creation floor) with the theme of "The Future of Takeshiba." In collaboration with artist Jay Shogo, and digital graphics creators NAGAIHOSHI, we completed a line-art mural depicting the future of Takeshiba and the sea breeze from Tokyo Bay.

Projection mapping becomes an integral element of this mural, creating a new futuristic cityscape while vividly mapping out the future of Takeshiba to viewers. Through the use of both analog and digital techniques, combined with inspiration from both history and new technology, the mural conveys our excitement for creating a new future.。

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EY Japan - Office Artwork

TokyoDex collaborated with artist Maharo to create artwork for EY Japan's new office floor in their Tokyo office at Midtown Hibiya.

Drawing inspiration from the office design theme "Crossing," Maharo created work with upward climbing lines to express growth and evolution while the intersections capture the exchange of ideas and synergy among the EY team. With prints on both the walls and meeting-room glass as well as painted accents on pillars, this comprehensive art installation captures the vibrance and diversity of the EY Tokyo office.

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Mural Rookies Project Volume 2 | Eric Diotte

The "Mural Rookies Project" is a project designed for artists who want to try their hand at creating large works of art. The entrance walls of our new office serve as their canvas and our team provides professional documentation of the process and results.

We are pleased to introduce the second artist to have a go at our Mural Rookies project: Eric Diotte!

In Eric's mural, the shadowy figures jump through frames to become filled with color and life on the other side. Drawing inspiration from TokyoDex’s slogan, “Better with Art,” Eric’s work touches on the idea that art can bring color and excitement to our daily lives. The work undoubtedly greets you with renewed energy upon entering the room.

New murals will be created periodically, so be sure to keep an eye out for the next one!

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