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November DexNews: 11/9 (Fri) This&That Café @SuperDeluxe!

Click Tech

When digital marketing superstars Click Tech moved into their new Tokyo office, TokyoDex was there to bring the bold colors of Rinpaeshidan and refined line drawings of Mariya Suzuki to this cool new space in Shibuya. The concept was to create one piece to convey an image of Japan from an overseas perspective and one piece to convey an image of overseas from a Japanese perspective. Artwork like this brings such a dynamic atmosphere to the workplace. 

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Mitsubishi UFJ Capital Office Art Project

The latest TokyoDex project features the work of the very talented Gerutama at Mitsubishi UFJ Capital’s new Tokyo headquarters in Nihonbashi. This massive 10-meter wall transforms the entire office into a space filled with energy and new possibilities for growth. The painting named as 「彩 光 築 -saikouchiku-」 consists of many layers of colors, with each layer representing the unique talents and ideas of each team member. This piece is a symbol of the amazing things that collaboration in the workplace makes possible.

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In February of 2011, This&That Café Vol.1 welcomed about 30 people to sit at candle-lit tables in an atmosphere that resembled, well, a café. Fast forward seven years and 40 shows later, and these days #TnTCafe sees crowds of 200+ in a space that has been described as an "indoor festival."  For Vol. 40, we have assembled a cast that again spans multiple genres, from the dreamy trip-hop stylings of UKICO to the R&B-infused sounds of the chart-topping CIRRRCLE. Folk-Blues band Kev Gray & The Gravy Train will even be celebrating their 10th Anniversary with us. So bring your good vibes and an open mind to help us welcome the winter as we celebrate the 40th installment of this very special gathering. 

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