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November 2022 DexNews


Mural Rookies Project Completed At The West Exit of Shibuya Station!

As part of Mural Rookies Project, we were given the opportunity to create a 12-meter-long mural artwork at the west exit of Shibuya Station. Thank you Shibuya Area Management Association. and Jay Shogo, the mentor artist. The finished work will be on display until the end of the year so don't miss it!


Wall Art for the Robert Half Japan Office Completed!

TokyoDex brought Mariya Suzuki to recruiting giant Robert Half to give their new office a local flavor. Her artwork illustrates the snowy scenery of Tohoku, a futuristic Tokyo, the dynamic cityscape of Osaka, dreamy Kiyomizu Temple in Kyoto, Onomachi in Hiroshima, as well as other locations in Japan. The results convey a warm and peaceful atmosphere as well as giving visitors from overseas a glimpse of the the Japanese way of life.


READ’s 50th Anniversary First Art Monument Completed!

In celebration of the company's 50th anniversary, global tech leader READ enlisted TokyoDex to curate a commemorative art project with workshops spanning multiple locations. First stop Niigata, where we brought KAOMANGAI to create a statement piece in the Niigata factory reception area. Taking cues from the Vision Art workshop held with Niigata members, the artists depicted the idea of "people leveling up" in the form of the local bird "Toki" taking flight in this beautiful and positive work.

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