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Nishihachi Art Sunday Event 🍛

As part of a community development effort in Hachioji and Nishi-Hachioji, there will be a live mural painting event in Nishi-Hachioji Sanda-machi!

We are facilitating a collaboration between Watari Sangyo, a real estate company based in Nishi-Hachioji for three generations, MUNCHIES, a food truck active in the Hachioji area and Nuries Corporation, an exterior painting company that works closely with community development.

There will be a live painting event using one side of the Nishi-Hachioji Watari Building and more that’ll be sure to bring the Hachioji community together. Feel free to come and join us!

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Adobe Art Walks Video Out Now! 🎥

Through this video we created for Adobe MAX Art Walk, we take you to just a handful of the many public artworks that can be found in Tokyo. When Adobe approached us to create this tour, our mission was to show a side of Tokyo that people tend to overlook, or works where the artists remain anonymous.

There are countless pieces scattered around the city with great stories behind them, both from the artist’s perspective and the directors who were involved in making it all happen. We hope you find something new through this video, and the next time you come across a piece of public art, try to find the artist's signature and give them a quick search online!

Check out the Art Walk Map


Completed Office Art Project for Multinational Technology Company 🎨

When a multinational technology company moved their headquarters to Otemachi in August 2021, they asked TokyoDex to make their “Experience Lounge” a more artful experience.

The Experience Lounge is a space where the company's employees assess their own products, so we wanted to add artwork that uplifted and motivated without distracting team members from this important work.

Working with soft, muted colors, artist Gerutama wove together motifs that to her symbolize the origin of life. These various elements depict how our world and the galaxy are made up by distinct individual shapes coming together to form a well-tuned collective. ✨

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