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May DexNews 2020: Code Chrysalis, This&That Café Vol. 44 "Alone Together" and #DexLogoProject

How is everyone?

We haven't sent out a newsletter in quite some time, but we do have some good news to share and we hope that now more than ever, art can be an important catalyst for creativity and connection in these trying times.

This newsletter highlights some recent projects we have launched as a way of battling solitude and encouraging our community to "thrive not just survive" during this transitional period.

While the current situation dictates that we distance ourselves from one another physically, we hope we can all #StayCreativeStayConnected through the power of art!

Be safe and be well.

Team TokyoDex


This&That Café Vol. 44 "Alone Together"

For nearly a decade now, This&That Café has been an opportunity for creative minds to converge and collaborate.

People come for the art, the music, the good vibes, and the serendipitous interactions. It seems like ages since we have been able to share space with our friends, and it may be awhile before we can do so again in the physical world.

So in the meantime, we invite you to be Alone Together with us at the first online This&That Café. We’re super excited to try some things we couldn’t do IRL, and to welcome guests from all over the world!

More Information


2020 TokyoDex Logo Project

In 2018, graphic designer Hiroto Nagai helped us re-envision the TokyoDex logo as a symbol of diversity, creativity, community and transformation. Instead of introducing strict logo guidelines, we hoped our logo could act as a canvas to be interpreted in innumerable ways by the many people in our creative community. 

During these challenging times, we hope the TokyoDex logo can be a source of inspiration for all creators out there, young and old, who can help us transform this symbol of collaboration into a personal work of art. 

Just download a blank logo template here or visit our website link to get started. Please share your work on your Instagram or DM us with the hashtag #DexLogoProject and tag @TokyoDex. Selected works will be shared/reposted on our social media.

Let’s all stay connected through art!

Check Out the Works Submitted So Far


Code Chrysalis: New Artwork and Online Courses

Just before the State of Emergency was declared in Tokyo, we helped our friends at Code Chrysalis (CC) take their office interior to the next level with a first-time collaboration between the very talented artists Tadaomi Shibuya and Hideya Moto. We can't wait until their office is open again so we can invite you to visit the work in person, but until then, we have a very special offer from our friends at CC:

Have you ever been interested in learning how to code? What better time than now to transition into a new career!

All of Code Chrysalis's programs are currently being held remotely, and they will continue to offer remote courses even after COVID-19 goes away. All programs are available in both Japanese and English, including Part-time Introduction to Programming class and the Full-time software engineering course.

If you mention TokyoDex when applying, CC can offer 5% off of their Foundations courses or 10% when you sign up with a friend. This offer ends in August 2020.

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