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May 2022 DexNews


Project With Fuji Business Exhibited at ORGATEC TOKYO

TokyoDex directed the artwork for Fuji Business’ main installation for their booth at ORGATEC TOKYO, the largest office-furniture exhibition in the world. Artist Frankie Cihi’s artwork added color to the booth in the shape of large cherry blossoms in full bloom on the underside of a wooden house-like arch. Looking up, the blossoms give the impression that they are dancing in the wind.


Our Recently Published Interview With KAMADO's CEO Naomi Kakiuchi

TokyoDex’s CEO Daniel Harris Rosen and Naomi Kakiuchi, CEO of the rapidly progressing art start-up KAMADO, recently got together to discuss the art industry in Japan and KAMADO’s newly released “OUR ART PROJECT: Imagining opportunities to interact with art and culture.” This interview has become our most-liked online blog to date, so definitely check it out! (Text in Japanese only.)


CEO Daniel Harris Rosen Will Be a Speaker at DE-SIGN's Online Event!

TokyoDex Creative Director Daniel Harris Rosen will be a speaker at design firm DE-SIGN’s student event on June 4th. He will be speaking with DE-SIGN’s Hiroyuki Watanabe and DAISHIZEN’s Akira Masuda about “The power of art and greenery to enhance offices,” followed by an online design workshop. We expect this to be a fun, hands-on event and encourage all interested students to join!

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