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May 2021 DexNews: Vision Art Workshops with SET and Frontier Consulting

Vision Wall Workshop with SET

In the midst of a transitional period, the diverse team members of SET came together to re-evaluate their core company values and discuss their collective vision. Within the framework of the Vision Wall Workshop, several key concepts emerged from the discussions. “Global Mindset,” “Risk Taking,” “Solidarity” and being “Ahead of the Curve,” were the 4 core ideas that the team discovered to be common across everyone's thinking.

At the end of the Vision Wall Workshop, participants then created sketches based on the strongest themes that each team member felt were core to their business. After collectively looking at all of them and choosing their favorites, the team turned them over to the artist in charge of revamping their office, Jay Shogo, who used them as inspiration for his Vision Wall.

Nested within the artist’s signature line art, the four featured pieces are manifestations of the core concepts and ideas developed in the workshop. Each was painted to look as if they were canvases mounted on the wall, the different visual layers symbolizing the anticipated growth for the new year. We think the resulting edgy mural does a great job of capturing the spirit of SET, a team with diverse backgrounds, adaptive qualities and forward-thinking minds that generate “whirlwinds of creativity” to be sent out into the world.

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Online Vision Art Workshop with Frontier Consulting

TokyoDex held a Vision Art Workshop with office design innovators Frontier Consulting and employees from their four offices across Japan (Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, and Fukuoka) gathered virtually to discuss their corporate values of “Be honest, Keep Growing and Great Days.”

Each employee demonstrated a noteworthy sensitivity when discussing their company values. Some of the ideas expressed in the discussion included, "Similar to plants, honesty needs to be cultivated. The essence of growth is a passion that shines like the sun with a warmth that extends to those around you," and “A great day is when you overcome challenges one by one and have finally reached the door at the end opening for you.” MAHARO envisioned the participants as a dedicated spaceship crew, striving to accomplish a singular mission alongside their own individual goals. With this image in mind, MAHARO incorporated elements of outer space in the final artwork.

Through the Vision Art Workshop, participants gained a common understanding of their corporate values, bolstered their team building skills, and contributed to creating an artwork that embodies the values and ideas they discussed.


Mural Rookies Project Volume 3 | 8ska

This is the 3rd time we’ve held our Mural Rookies project, a project designed for artists who want to try their hand at creating large works of art for the first time.

This time, the artist who took on the challenge was 8ska.

The work, inspired by TokyoDex’s slogan “Better With Art,” depicts the struggles of creating an artwork followed by the feeling of fulfillment when the work is completed. The plants are representative of an openness to new ideas, while the hands symbolize people connecting through art. The golden strokes shimmer in the light, emitting an elegant impression.

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