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March 2021 DexNews: Art Bottle Collaboration with mymizu / Office Art for Jamf Japan G.K.

Launch of the TokyoDex x mymizu Collaboration Art Bottle

Available from March 18th in celebration of World Water Day (March 22nd)

mymizu is a platform with a mission to reduce single-use plastic consumption through its free water refill app, community, activities and collaborations. To celebrate World Water Day, TokyoDex collaborated with mymizu to create an original art bottle that is available from today, March 18th, on the mymizu online shop.

The art bottle was created in collaboration with over 100 members of the mymizu and TokyoDex communities. During the production process, we collected keywords and sketches from the community with the themes "a world where people carry their own bottles and care for the environment" as well as "the importance of nature," which artist Kazu Tabu later used to create the final artwork.

The artwork depicts outdoor activities like canoeing and cycling, renewable energy, and a jellyfish that symbolizes the flow of water, water’s contribution to the larger flow of nature and how it supports people's lives.

We were so excited to have the opportunity to collaborate with mymizu, whose team and mission we respect greatly, and we are so pleased with the results.

We hope that this art bottle will spark your imagination and encourage the change to a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle. Click below for details on how you can purchase the Art Bottle!

The TokyoDex x mymizu Art Bottle


Office Art Project for Jamf Japan (Phase 2)

Jamf Japan G.K., provider of Apple product support to businesses, hospitals, schools and government institutions and the leading company setting the standard in Apple Enterprise Management, has invited us back to their office to create another motivational mural.

A first-time collaboration between artists MAHARO and Hideya MOTO, it was important that the new mural projected both sophistication and encouragement since it would be visible from both the reception area and the office floor where the employees work. The new work embodies the Jamf values “Selflessness” and “Relentless Self-Improvement,” teeing up the office to inspire the employees and guests when we can all get together again.

Click For More Photos


TokyoDex Office Art Project | Fern Choonet

We’ve added yet another new artwork to the TokyoDex office!

Thai illustrator Fern Choonet painted a mural on our doorway based on her own impressions of TokyoDex. Drawing inspiration from our art and music event, “This & That Café,” the mural features artists, musicians, plants, and a "Dex" dog as motifs painted in our new brand colors.

Don’t forget to check out the rest of the work by clicking below!

We’ll continue adding artwork to our office, with proper social distancing measures in place of course, so be sure to stay tuned!

Click For More Photos

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