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June DexNews: EY Project Video Release and our First Installation in Fukuoka!

Video - Building a Better Working World @EY Office

Open space, beautiful furniture and of course art!  We are proud to share the video we created for EY Japan showcasing the beautiful works of art created by Jay Shogo, 柏原晋平 and Mariya Suzuki in the new EY Japan offices in Hibiya Midtown.

At Tokyodex we believe in the power of enhancing working spaces through art, and adding artwork in the workplace has been shown to increase communication and motivation among employees. Don't believe us? Just click the photo above to hear interviews with EY team members and to get a closer look at how we helped cultivate an incredible working environment.

If you're curious about the inspiration behind the collaborative vision wall created through our workshop with EY team members and artist Mariya Suzuki, click the button below for our video.

Workshop Video


New Art Installation Video - Manulife Financial Advisers

An explosion of color and imagination, the Exaltation of Color by artist Gerutama is a representation of life in which cells shed their old shells for transformation. Gerutama took inspiration from the word “innovation” to create a piece that symbolizes the thrill of innovating yourself and her personal wish for all of us to lead a happy and exciting journey.

We all need a coffee or chocolate break from time to time, but we also recommend an art break! This masterpiece is definitely one you can look at over and over again for new discoveries and inspiration.

Click the photo above to watch the mesmerizing process of this artwork coming to life, and click below to see more photos of the finished work installed at Manulife Financial Advisers new Tokyo office in Roppongi-itchome.

More Photos


Our First Installation in Fukuoka

In May TokyoDex completed a mural for Fukuoka Growth Next, a former schoolhouse and now innovative co-working space in the center of Fukuoka city. Fukuoka Growth Next is a facility where professionals from different industries can develop relationships, share values and introduce their unique visions to the world.

To illustrate their global philosophy, we brought in the Toronto-based Peruvian artist Peru143 to create a seven-meter spray-painted mural onsite. We were so excited to be a part of the renovation of this amazing space, and the project also marked our first installation in the great city of Fukuoka.

Click the button below for more photos!

More Photos

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