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June 2022 DexNews


Multinational Tech Company Office Art Complete!

TokyoDex recently added artwork to the new office of a multinational tech company that opened an office in Osaka this year.

We reached out to artist Erica Ward to express the connections between the company’s Osaka and Tokyo offices with its headquarters in San Diego. The artwork was printed on acrylic boards with magnets on the back so that it could be easily installed on the metal-partition walls.

With a characteristic Japanese flair, Erica’s installation expresses the unique differences between Tokyo, Osaka, and San Diego through three multicolored Koi, and the main works are connected through accent pieces featuring waves and flowers.


Mural Rookies Wanted!

We have received many messages from artists who want to try their their hand at mural painting but they don’t know how to go about it. For this reason, TokyoDex began the “Mural Rookies” Project to offer wall space in our office to up-and-coming creators who want to challenge themselves, and so far five amazing artists have come in to create their first large-scale work on this wall. We are currently taking applications for a sixth artist, and our hope is that this program helps foster the next generation of muralists and continues to make the world “Better with Art.”

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