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June 2021 DexNews: Sapporo Beer North America CM, Office Art Project for Diageo, and "What is TokyoDex?" Campaign

Sapporo Beer North America Commercial Film

When the Japan-based creative production company Local 81 needed to cast two street artists for an upcoming Sapporo Beer commercial being shot in Japan, their first call was to TokyoDex.

Under the theme “Convergence of Cultures,” East meets West in this commercial film conceived and directed by internationally renowned director Goh Iromoto for the North American market. As part of the casting team, our mission was to find the artists that could best capture both the artistry of Japan and the edgy energy of North America. After a painstaking curation process conducted together with both director and client, we landed on the Osaka-based artist unit Whole9 to represent the East, while Chicago-born artist Doc ushered in the West.

WHOLE9’s mesmerizing piece draws from both traditional and contemporary Japanese culture, featuring both kimono and a shochikubai (plum, bamboo and pine) combination pattern, with modern touches added through neon-light-inspired accents.Doc took inspiration from cartoons he watched as a child, accentuated by an abstract explosion of various characters and motifs. Musical elements are also mixed into the fray, paying homage to the DJs that are also featured in the clip.

It was our distinct pleasure to work on this exciting project with such an esteemed cast and crew! Be sure to check out the directors cut from this link.

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Office Art Project for Diageo

A global leader in alcoholic beverages, Diageo has a collection of over 200 brands enjoyed in more than 180 countries around the world. When it came time to renew their flagship Tokyo office, they tapped TokyoDex to incorporate some of their best known products into artworks that elevated their custom workplace.

Working with artist MAHARO, we subtly wove brand logos, signature motifs and images of brewing ingredients into original works of art to become a core component of the space. MAHARO’s design complemented the complex contour of a pleated curtain so that it looked great whether pulled closed or tucked away to the sides. The end result is a perfect finishing touch for this elegant bar atmosphere, as the design amplifies the fluidity and texture of the curtain and the monotone color treatment adds an upscale tone to the space.

The adjacent meeting room features a wooden panel print which acts as a built-in background for all online meetings conducted onsite. Johnnie Walker fans will immediately recognize the Striding Man boot as it steps into a Tokyo landscape brimming with details. Both pieces are sure to keep guests and employees alike searching for hidden surprises every time they visit the space.

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"What is TokyoDex?" Campaign Exclusive Giveaway

We’ve officially launched our “What is TokyoDex” campaign! The idea for this campaign started with a simple question from one of our artist friends, Shinpei Kashihara: “Why don’t more people know about TokyoDex?” He made this video with a focus on this question to help us get the word out, and then a few more friends donated some cool prizes to aid in our efforts. Each week until July 17th we’ll be giving away a different art-inspired gift.

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