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July 2021 DexNews: Office Art Project for Global Pharmaceutical Company and New TokyoDex Office Art

Global Pharmaceutical Company Office Art Project

A global pharmaceutical company, whose core company values prioritize diversity and inclusion, wanted to renovate their office to create a space that reflects these principles and encourages communication and collaboration. Towards that end, TokyoDex was brought on board to add artistic touches to five carefully designed spaces in the office with the help of four artists, Gerutama, KASHIHARA SHINPEI, Michinori Maru, and Mariya Suzuki, working in distinctly different styles.

It was both a challenging and rewarding project for us to bring in four different artists and their distinctive styles into the new office filled with deliberate and inclusive transformations.

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TokyoDex Office Art Project | dodo tokyo

In this special commission for the TokyoDex office & showroom, flower-art duo “dodo tokyo” created an intricate wall piece that traverses the multiple angles of the room and seamlessly incorporates the TV monitor. The piece was designed to resemble a world map, both to highlight TokyoDex’s global stance and the artists’ desire to reach out to the world. A combination of both artificial and real plants, the piece has a soothing effect on our conference room and is a great way to show our clients how greenery can be transformative.

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Thanks for Joining our "What is TokyoDex?" Campaign and Giveaway!

A big thank you to all who joined our “What is TokyoDex?” campaign and congratulations to all the winners! Your prizes are on their way! We plan to hold more campaigns like this, so do shoot us a message to let us know what kind of campaigns or prizes you’d like to see in the future!

Last but not least, thank you to all the artists who contributed to the campaign, helped us spread the word about TokyoDex, and are always making the world Better With Art.

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