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January DexNews: TokyoDex got a new look! Check our new website

Happy New Year everyone and greetings from TokyoDex. Thanks to your support, 2018 was another amazing year for TokyoDex, marking several milestones for us in terms of growth and development. We had numerous amazing opportunities to work with stellar clients like Indeed and Mitsubishi UFJ Capital, just to name a few! In addition to painting hundreds of square meters of artwork in offices throughout Japan, we were also able to share the power of art with hotels and schools. With new members joining our ranks, we welcome the year of 2019 with a fresh team and outlook.  We begin 2019 full of gratitude for all of the opportunities that lie ahead as we strive to make everything Better with Art. Thanks to all of you who continue to help us fulfill our creative dreams!

New TokyoDex Website

The TokyoDex website has a new look for 2019, reflecting many hours of discussion among Dex members to craft a look, feel and message that captures the essence of what we do. The new website is easy to navigate so that you can learn about our vision as well as the numerous projects we have done in the past. Please take a look, and be sure to share your comments with us! Also, check out our new company reel here!

Visit Website

This&ThatCafé Vol 41 "ARIGATO SuperDeluxe"

In 2010 TokyoDex Creative Director Daniel Harris Rosen began a 6-month residency at SuperDeluxe where he helped curate the venue’s unique programming. It was during that time that he came up with the concept for This&That Café, an open forum in which artists from all genres and backgrounds could come together to meld music and visual arts in unexpected and often unprecedented collaborations. Over 7 years and 40 shows later, #tntcafe has become a staple of Tokyo’s art community and one of SuperDeluxe’s longest-running regular events. We were so saddened to hear SDLX would be closing its doors in early 2019, but we are so grateful for the chance to say goodbye and show our gratitude in style. Please join TokyoDex and an all-star cast of #tntcafe alumni as we celebrate years of fierce artistic exploration and bid farewell to Tokyo’s favorite “good-thinking, good-drinking” place.

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