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January 2021 DexNews: New Year's Greetings from TokyoDex

Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021!

Happy New Year from the TokyoDex team!

2020 was quite a challenging year for everyone, but despite it all TokyoDex continues to share the power of art throughout Japan at a time when we think the world needs it most. Some key highlights from the year include activations for Chupa Chups, Code Chrysalis, Clestra Hauserman, Tokyo Port City Takeshiba as well as the EY Tokyo and Osaka offices.

TheChupa Chupsproject brought color to Japan's unique holiday “White Day” quite literally! We worked with artists Ryo Koizumi (RELISH) and COIN PARKING DELIVERY who painted over Chupa Chups’ grayscale White Day advertisement with bright tones, thus transforming the “Happy White Day” message into “HAPPY COLOR DAY.”

For the Tokyo Port City Takeshiba project, TokyoDex was asked to create a mural with the theme "The Future of Takeshiba." The 76-meter long wall boasted a futuristic cityscape brought to life by artist Jay Shogo and motion graphics creator Nagai Hoshi. Through the use of both analog and digital techniques, combined with inspiration from both history and new technology, the mural conveys our excitement and expectations for creating a bright future.

Last year we were also excited to move into a new space, just three minutes away from our former office. Once moved in, our first order of business was of course to put art up throughout the office, starting with a mural by our friends Whole9. More works followed, such as afull-room installation featuring original characters by Yeka Haski, a 3D wall piece by JONJON GREEN, and a periodically changing mural in our hallway through our Mural Rookies Project. In September, our hallway became the canvas for artist Azusa Sekiguchi, then for illustratorEric Diotte towards the end of the year. Both artists and their murals added their own energy to the room. More murals and projects to come in 2021!

A special thank you to everyone who stuck with us through 2020 and for your continued support of our vision to make the world Better With Art.

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New Years Opportunity from Pebeo Japon

Here's a New Years opportunity for artists from our friends at Pebeo Japon.

The Mixed Media Competition Urban Art Prize 2021 is now open! The works of 25 finalists will be exhibited at Fluctuart, Urban Art Centre in Paris, France, from May 19 to June 2, 2021. Additionally, Pebeo will award the following cash prizes to 1st - 3rd place winners. An award ceremony will be held on May 19, 2021.

• Grand Prize: 5,000 Euros (approx. 640,000 yen)

• 2nd Place : 3,000 Euros (approx. 380,000 yen)

• 3rd place : 2,000 Euros (approx. 250,000 yen)

The deadline to enter is March 15, 2021. Application conditions and details on how to enter are also posted on the Pebeo Japon website/event information page. Entries must be registered in English via the special page on the Pebeo France headquarters website, so if you need assistance/translation, please feel free to contact Pebeo Japon at They're looking forward to hearing from you!

For more information, please check the Pebeo Japon website or the France HQ website.

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