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February DexNews: TokyoDex Brings Wall Art to Toho Gakuen!

Toho Gakuen Vision Wall Project

Toho Gakuen is a technical training college focusing on developing professionals for the entertainment industry. In anticipation of their 40th anniversary next year, TokyoDex was brought on board to create a Vision Wall that reflects the students' and faculty's take on the school motto "Kando wo tskuru, sono tame ni" (What It Takes to Create Inspiration.)

We held a workshop with students and faculty to explore the word "Inspiration," and based on the ideas developed in the workshop, artist Keeenue finished the vision wall in front of many students and visitors during the school festival. The key concept garnered from the workshop was "Bringing people together through various expressions," and this was reflected in the work with bold color and intense energy.

The finished mural is visible from the road adjacent to the school campus so please stop by and take a look.

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Goodbye SuperDeluxe and Hello...

Thank you all for coming to This&That Café Vol.41 “ARIGATO SuperDeluxe.” We had a record-breaking crowd (384 people throughout the night!) and the event definitely left its mark on #tntcafe history. It was also a great way to say big thank you to SuperDeluxe which has been a major source of inspiration throughout TokyoDex’s journey of artistic exploration.

In every ending, there is a new beginning...and we are very excited to bring This&That Café to TRUNK(HOTEL) in Shibuya to celebrate National Women’s Day on Friday March 8. Please come and join us to celebrate the new chapter of This&That Café with an amazing cast of female creators! We will be announcing details and lineup soon!

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