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February 2023 DexNews


3/10 Event Information

This&That Vol. 46: “Genre Eclectic, Female Focused”

This&That will be held jointly by SHIBUYA QWS x TokyoDex!

This&That Vol. 46: “Genre Eclectic, Female Focused”-- Celebrated in March throughout the world, International Women’s Day provides the inspiration for This&That Vol. 46 as we shine a light on female creators in Tokyo from myriad backgrounds working across diverse genres. From singer-songwriters to versatile VJs, this latest installment of TnT boasts a myriad of talent with a distinctly female flair. Come join us and cheer on women in the arts everywhere that continue to offer us new expressions as they share their unique gifts with the world. Invite your friends. Everyone is welcome!!


Keio University Yagami Campus Vision Wall Completed!

In 2022, Keio University’s Faculty of Science and Technology celebrated the 50th anniversary of their Yagami Campus. To celebrate, they asked TokyoDex to facilitate production of a mural that would be a source of inspiration for the next 50 years. Students and professors participated in a Vision Art Workshop to imagine the “University of the Future”. They imagined that they would be using advanced technology, expanding the classroom to space, and that people of various backgrounds and ethnicities would come together harmoniously. These ideas were incorporated beautifully into the Vision Wall created by artist Ryoko Utsunomiya. Workshop participants also helped out, creating a special connection between the artwork and the students and faculty.


Office Art Complete at onestar!

When onestar moved into a new office, they called on TokyoDex to create a statement piece inspired by input from the employees. We gathered a group of employees for a workshop to create a work of art that would reflect the company’s social mission. Then, using the motifs created by the participants, artist Ryoko Utsunomiya created a Vision Wall under TokyoDex’s direction. Additionally, artist group RELISH created wallpaper with visuals and typography based on onestar’s core values.


Notice of Change of Corporate Colors

In anticipation of continued growth as an organization, our 10th Anniversary prompted us to change from a Limited Liability Company (GK) to an Incorporated Company (KK). In tandem with this shift in corporate structure, we also chose to change our corporate colors. Previously we were using an array of pastels, featuring a warm orange that reflects our team’s bright personality and spoke about our openness and passion. But moving forward we have decided that switching to gray-scale and canvas colors will keep the focus on the diverse and colorful artwork we help to create. In the rare case where we need an accent color, we choose turquoise-- a calm, friendly, and cheerful color, radiating the tranquility of blue, the growth of green, and the vitality of yellow.

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