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February 2021 DexNews: Online Vision Art Workshop and 160 Years of German-Japanese Friendship Mural

TokyoDex's First Online Vision Art Workshop with Maruzen Yushodo

TokyoDex has begun offering an online "Vision Art Workshop," where participants help create an original artwork that reflects an organization’s vision and goals via an online meeting platform.

In our Vision Art Workshops, participants go through a variety of creativity exercises, followed by discussions on themes such as corporate philosophy and company vision. In this workshop, the participants draw sketches based on the keywords generated from the discussion, and the artists create original artworks using the sketches as inspiration. As a result, participants are able to contribute to creating an artwork that reflects the vision of the organization by participating in the art-making process.

The online workshop is held via Zoom so participants can join from any location and can communicate with friends and colleagues alike.

Our first Vision Art Workshop was held with Maruzen Yushodo. This workshop was designed as a place to rethink what "communication" means in order to revitalize communication among employees, as telework is becoming more common due to the influence of coronavirus and opportunities for employees to meet face-to-face are decreasing.

During the workshop discussions, a wide variety of opinions were exchanged on the meaning of communication, such as "compassion to understand others," "integration of self and others," and "a means to connect with each other through both verbal and nonverbal communication.”

The participants expressed the concepts they had developed through the discussion as sketches, and artist Mameko Maeda used the sketches as inspiration to create an original work of art that can be used as a virtual background for online meetings. This participant-sourced artwork created through the online Vision Art Workshop becomes a reminder of the discussion that helped create it as well as the company’s vision, even when you are away from the office.


160 Years of German-Japanese Friendship

The German Embassy in Tokyo and TokyoDex are pleased to announce the unveiling of a novel mural artwork to commemorate the anniversary of 160 years of friendship between Germany and Japan. Curated by TokyoDex and created by the Osaka-based Japanese artist duo WHOLE9, the exterior wall of the German Embassy now features elaborate murals with larger-than-life portraits of pioneers and events which have shaped – and epitomize – the long history of relations between the two nations.

In tribute to these long-standing ties, the artwork commissioned by the German Embassy looks back at history to pay homage to the pioneers who have profoundly contributed to German-Japanese relations. It is the third time we have curated the artwork of the Embassy’s exterior walls, which encompasses 80 meters, and the wall art commemorating the 160th anniversary of Japan-Germany relations will be the largest art piece installed on the embassy wall to date.

This work is scheduled to be on display through the end of 2021.

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Introducing Our New Brand Color: DexOrange

TokyoDex has a new look in 2021 as expressed through our new brand colors, the result of a team effort to explore the tones that embody our company personality, culture, and philosophy.

Our main color, “DexOrange,” is a warm orange with a reddish tint that reflects our team’s bright and passionate personality, which we believe is at our core and is what allows us to build a friendly corporate culture.

The three sub colors that support DexOrange-- blue, purple, and gray-- represent trust and creativity. While these colors are vivid and positive, they do not clash when placed next to artists’ works.

We look forward to further developing and sharing this new identity with our audience and hope that they will help us further our vision of making the world “Better with Art.”

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