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October DexNews: Jamf Japan Project Report, This&That Café Vol. 43 “Here&There” on Nov. 1

Jamf Japan Project Report

Jamf Japan, the leading international company providing Apple product management solutions for businesses, government institutions and schools, has moved their office right next to the Tokyo Tower in Minato-ku. For this occasion, TokyoDex was brought on board to put the finishing touches on the reception area and town hall.

We teamed up with artist Yusei Sagawa to create onsite artwork that embodies the strength of Jamf Japan-- connecting Japan to the world. The main mural drew inspiration from a world map, with lines emanating from Japan, representing the global outlook and digital connections of Jamf Japan. That mural connects to the artwork in the town hall, unifying the space and making it unique to Jamf Japan and their ideals. 

Click the video below to watch the beautifully finished work!


DexSessions: This&That Café Vol.43 “Here&There”

For over 8 years, #TnTCafe took place at SuperDeluxe, so when they shut their doors earlier this year, This&That went Here&There looking for a new home. We had a blast at TRUNK Hotel in March, and now after a long respite This&That is back, this time at THE CORE in Toranomon.

As always, the event boasts a stellar and eclectic line-up, with performances ranging from acoustic sessions and indie electronica to various live painting performances and impromptu projections.

We are so psyched to be able to continue the intense artistic journey that is #TnTCafe. Come join and celebrate with us! 

Click the link below to reminisce on our last event at SuperDeluxe.


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