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July DexNews: "ping-pong ba", Buddy Bear and Rainbow Disco Club 2019

"ping-pong ba" - New Ping Pong Bar in Otsuka

Inside the ba01 building in Otsuka, a new pub-style ping pong bar “ping-pong ba” will open on July 26th. Together with artist Keeenue, we created a mural representing the theme of connecting the past and the present in this historical city.

Ping pong is a sport enjoyed by people of all ages. By incorporating the sport into the artwork, we helped create a funky yet familiar space, encapsulating how Otsuka is modernizing yet still maintaining traditional culture. We also used glow-in-the-dark paint for the first time in this installation; at night, when the black lights turn on, the artwork transforms. Please check out our video by clicking the button below!

ping-pong ba” marked its grand opening on July 26th. Please come by and check out the artwork while enjoying British pub-style food and a fun game of ping-pong!



Buddy Bear Project @the German Embassy in Tokyo

In celebration of the 25th anniversary of the sister-city arrangement between Berlin and Tokyo, TokyoDex gave the life-sized Buddy Bear a new look at the German Embassy in Tokyo. Back in 2001, three-hundred Buddy Bears were placed throughout the city of Berlin, soon becoming a symbol and ambassador of Berlin spotted around the world.

In a collaborative work by artists Tadaomi Shibuya and MAHARO, these two veteran artists explored the concept of “harmony” to symbolize the importance of unity through mutual respect between different cultures. The Mayor of Berlin and the German ambassador to Japan graced us with their presence at the unveiling ceremony.

We were very honored to be a part of this project commemorating the 25th anniversary of the sister city relationship between Tokyo and Berlin.

Please click the Video button below to see behind the scenes and interviews from this amazing project!



Rainbow Disco Club 2019

The TokyoDex team once again made an appearance at the Rainbow Disco Club (RDC) in 2019. This year, we installed a Free Wall so that all guests could freely express their creativity. People of all ages let their inspiration flow to create what became an incredibly fun, imaginative piece.

Alongside the Free Wall, Mariya Suzuki and artist unit Whole9 set up a live painting performance. Whole9 created a vibrant reclining buddha and Mariya Suzuki sketch painted vignettes of the RDC event space.

Please check out the beautiful event by clicking on the video above, and to see more photos click the button below!

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