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January DexNews: New Years Greeting from TokyoDex

Thank You 2019 and Hello 2020!

Happy New Year everyone and greetings from TokyoDex!

After filling over 50 walls with artwork in various offices and public spaces around the city, we said good-bye to 2019 as another exciting whirlwind of a year for TokyoDex. Highlights for the year included adorning ten walls for a new office project in Tamachi and working with the German Embassy in Tokyo to do a collaborative artwork on a Buddy Bear statue. A project with “Fukuoka Growth Next” took us down to Fukuoka prefecture with Toronto-based artist Peru143, and it was our great privilege to help Fuji Business put the finishing touches on their new office "Studio Be."

Now we are kicking off 2020 full of gratitude for all of the opportunities that await us. Thanks to everybody’s continued support of our vision to make the world Better With Art.

Be sure to check out our 2019 Project Reel video!

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