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February DexNews: Fuji Business and This&That Café Vol.44 on March 13th

Fuji Business New Office Art

Fuji Business Co., Ltd. specializes in office design and office relocation to create an ideal work environment that focuses on efficiency and productivity. In their new office space “Studio Be,” we installed murals and wall installations with artists Frankie Cihi and Misa Funai to further compliment their office aesthetics.

Keeping with their theme “Home,” Frankie Cihi painted the house-like arches with various kinds of plants to give the space a treehouse feel. Around the reception area, Misa Funai installed mirror artwork symbolizing our own imaginative paradise.

Studio Be is an office you want to go back to. The overall design of the space focuses on translating the cosiness of a home for all their employees and guests. We hope our finishing touches spark creativity and conversation in this unique space!

Check out the process video by clicking the video below.

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This&That Café Vol. 44 "Envision and Empower" Did you know that contrary to the spooky image we have of Friday the 13th, it was first considered a very powerful day to celebrate feminine energy and creativity? In honor of International Women’s Day which is also in March, we are giving Friday the 13th a new look by welcoming wonderfully talented female artists to perform a wide range of music styles as well as captivating visuals and live art. TokyoDex is proud to present This&That Cafe Vol. 44 to enhance the visibility and appreciation of fabulous female artists here in Tokyo. Come and bask in the “Envision and Empower” energy with us at THE CORE KITCHEN/SPACE! In the mean time, check out our previous event from the video below.

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