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December 2022 DexNews


Vision Wall at the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) !

In February 2022, members of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) gathered for a workshop to discuss the essence of METI. Some of the keywords that emerged from the discussion were "diversity", "passion", "innovation" and "hands-on action". Inspired by the discussion and participant sketches, the artist unit WHOLE9 created a Vision Wall under the direction of TokyoDex.


BnA_WALL Mural Rookies Project Artist Announced!

TokyoDex’s Mural Rookies Project began in 2020 in response to artists who wanted to try their hand at painting murals but simply did not have the chance. Since then, the company has provided various artists with opportunities for first murals, including using walls in the TokyoDex office and construction walls at the west exit of Shibuya station. Meanwhile BnA_WALL, an art hotel in Nihonbashi, has been providing artists with a massive practice wall right in the middle of their hotel lobby. From 2023, TokyoDex and BnA will collaborate to create the “BnA_WALL Mural Rookies Project,” where more artists will have the opportunity to practice in this monumental space.

We would like to thank the more than 113 artists who applied for this opportunity. The artist who has been selected to take up the challenge is MARIA SAKURAI. Under the guidance of mentor Tadaomi Shibuya and the support of BnA_WALL and TokyoDex, we are looking forward to seeing her amazing work!


Mural Rookies in Hayama!

As part of our Mural Rookies Project, we invited illustrator Erica Ward to paint the very first mural on the outside wall of moshimo cafe, a creative event space located in Hayama, Kanagawa. Erica is a seasoned illustrator with an impressive professional portfolio, but this was her first time painting on this scale so she was a bit nervous. Of course the work turned out great!

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