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August DexNews: New Dex Office and Video for Code Chrysalis

The TokyoDex New Office!

TokyoDex is moving into a new space in 2020! Up until last year, the Dex team was working from a SOHO, but this year we finally made the move out from the space that many of us fondly remember, to just down the block -- literally. Three minutes away from our old office, we found a new home and we didn’t waste any time putting up artwork!

The first addition to the new space was a gift from our longtime friends WHOLE9. The art duo hitch and simo brightened up the space with colors and motifs inspired by their image of TokyoDex. 

We will be adding new and amazing artwork into our new home through the end of the year so stay tuned! Until our next update, check out the amazing artwork by Whole9 from below, and we’ll look forward to the day when we welcome you all here in person!

Behind the Scenes Video


Code Chrysalis - Artwork Video

Code Chrysalis (CC) is a Silicon Valley-style coding bootcamp based in Tokyo. Their mission is to create the next generation of full-stack software engineers and tech leaders in Japan. TokyoDex helped take their interior to the next level with a first-time collaboration between the very talented artists Tadaomi Shibuya and Hideya MOTO.

Drawing inspiration from the CC logo, Tadaomi Shibuya expressed students emerging from their cocoons and flying away as butterflies into the tech world. His artwork combined with Hideya MOTO’s beautiful calligraphy helped transform the Code Chrysalis office into an even more creative space. 

Check out the art process and genuinely positive reactions for the mural from the video above!

More Photos


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