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August 2022 DexNews


Large-Scale Office Art for a Global Tech Company Completed!

In June 2022, TokyoDex finished a project for a global tech company to transform hallways into one-of-a-kind art experiences. We worked with Mika Kamijyo (Paralym Art), Maharo, Kazu Tabu, Chad Feyen, Tadaomi Shibuya, Kohei Kyomori, Hokuto Ichibayashi and Erica Ward to create installations to match the specific themes of each floor.

The artwork functions as an architectural element that serves to break up the line of sight in these long hallways and bring immersive art into casual walks around the office across eight floors.


Vision Art Workshop at SHIBUYA QWS!

TokyoDex created a workshop for Shibuya QWS where members discussed their ideas on the theme “stimulus,” and then created individual collages inspired by their discussions.

A designer at TokyoDex then reassembled participants' work to create one unified collage. In addition, she created an artwork that displays keywords and motifs from the conversations and individual collages from the workshop that illustrates workshop participants’ ideas overflowing from Shibuya’s scramble square out into the world.


Event Information

On August 21, TokyoDex is co-hosting an event at moshimo cafe in Hayama with our good friend Tama Tsuboi who has made numerous appearances at previous Dex events. Artist Erica Ward will also be painting a mural at the cafe as part of our Mural Rookies Project. moshimo cafe is a 2-minute walk from Morito Kaigan, so come join us for some great art & music and then catch the sunset on the beach! Event details are here. Space is limited, so please RSVP on Facebook to make a reservation.

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