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August 2021 DexNews: "Hida Camp" Art Project, Vision Art Workshop for NTT Communications and Mural Rookies Project Vol. 4

"Hida Camp" Art Project with hotel around TAKAYAMA

In this special project, TokyoDex and the local creators at Hidakuma were invited to create collaborative artwork specifically for this hotel. The aim of this project was to rediscover the potential of local resources by incorporating the perspectives of outside creators.

A team including artists KASHIHARA SHINPEI, Mariya Suzuki and simo first visited the forests of Hida and went through a process of understanding the materials and principles of sustainability before any artwork was built. ⁠In this way, the creators were able to create unique works of art that highlight local resources, culture, and appeal, while also being friendly to the environment and providing new perspectives for our guests.

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Vision Art Workshop with NTT Communications

CROSS LAB for Smart City is a hub for NTT Communications' smart city technology. When it came time to update their office, they reached out to TokyoDex about creating an artwork that could represent their vision of the future.

Towards that end, we worked with their “Smart City promotion team” to design a Vision Art workshop focused on the theme of “Smart Cities of the Future," where participants’ ideas and sketches served as the basis for the final artwork created by artist Michinori Maru.

Key concepts such as “beyond imagination," "connecting anytime and anywhere," "simple yet beautiful," and "kindness to all living things” were woven in the final work that depicts a city where people can utilize technology to live life to the fullest.

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Mural Rookies Project Volume 4 | Ai

Ai was the fourth artist to have a go at our Mural Rookies Project, a project designed for up-and-coming artists who want to try their hands at creating large-scale works of art. Drawing inspiration from TokyoDex’s slogan “Better With Art,” this fun, pop-infused work takes inspiration from movement and dance.

The vibrant colors and patterns work to spark viewers’ imaginations to perceive different parts of the body, with viewer reactions ranging from, “These look like bones!” and “That one looks like a brain!” More of Ai’s energetic works can be found on her Instagram account, so be sure to check it out!

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