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April 2022 DexNews


GREE's Office Art Project Complete!

TokyoDex is super excited to share the work we did with Tokyo Creators' Project on renown game company GREE's new office in Roppongi Gate Tower. Working closely with the client, we curated a team of 18 amazing artists to produce artwork spanning 6 floors and covering over 100 surfaces, including hand-painted murals, printed glass film, and original canvas work. Based on the overall theme of "Subcultural Retreat with a Kick," we created concepts and artist teams for each floor.

The office was designed to accelerate creativity and spur new ideas among employees who work there through the introduction of diverse subcultures. The artists, who range from veterans of Japanese street art to up-and-coming young artists, combine elegance and sophistication with youthful, effervescent energy to create one-of-a-kind collaborations.


Vision Art Workshop with SURUGA Marketing & Tourism Bureau

SURUGA Marketing & Tourism Bureau is the agency responsible for promoting tourism in Shizuoka City. While having a diverse team is one of their strong points, it also poses some challenges to workplace collaboration. TokyoDex came in to help by designing and conducting a Vision Art Workshop that would strengthen communication among their team.

At the end of the workshop, a designer from the TokyoDex team scanned and digitally reassembled the team’s collage pieces into a single artwork. Since the final work is digital data, it can be used to create a variety of novelty goods such as folders and postcards. The final work was printed onto a clear file so that their team can always remember their workshop discussion.

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