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April 2021 DexNews: 160 Years of German-Japanese Friendship Mural and hatarakicARTe

160 Years of German-Japanese Friendship

Under the curation of TokyoDex, Osaka-based artists WHOLE9 created a mural on the outer wall of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany (Tokyo) to commemorate the 160th anniversary of German-Japanese relations.

The mural covers six themes: sports, music, economy, trade, science and culture. Each theme features portraits of pioneers and historical events that symbolize the continued relationship between both countries.

While this is our third time to curate a mural on the outside wall of the German Embassy, this is our largest installation to date, spanning over 80 meters in length.

Be sure to check out the full length video that delves deeper into ideas behind the mural and the process of the artists.


hatarakicARTe for Frontier Consulting

TokyoDex was commissioned by office-design innovators Frontier Consulting to create illustrations for their "Hybrid Work” card set. The cards are a visualization of the 50 positive and negative elements that were identified by comparing traditional ways of working with the new conditions created by the coronavirus pandemic.

The cards are illustrated by three artists, Chad Feyen, Mameko Maeda and Eric Diotte, and depict 50 different situations of working environments in vivid colors.

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Office Art Project for Innocence Corporation

Social media marketing service provider, Innocence Corporation, is a company that leverages the vitality and innovative sensibilities of their youthful team.

TokyoDex turned to artist Shinichiro Inui to create avant-garde collage work that incorporates a variety of images as a source of inspiration for young people. The work was created by layering paint with printed images, tearing them up, then adding layers again in a physical manifestation that represents how new things can be born from their predecessors. The various motifs such as music, animation and plants symbolize the modern age in which information is constantly flowing.

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