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The TokyoDex Team starts "Scrap Materials Project"!

We're working on launching our Scrap Materials x Art Project! After our experience of using local and scrap materials for the hotel around TAKAYAMA project, we started to think about how we could reuse similar materials for future projects.

With impeccable timing, exterior painting company Nuries reached out to us about the Upcycle project, a collaborative project between Nakano city and Tokyo Construction Association that aims to creatively reuse and recycle scrap construction materials. We were invited to visit workspaces where we could learn more about materials like wallpaper, tatami mats, and tiles and how they can be reused.

It was definitely a learning experience for our team and we hope to discover more ways to use these materials for our workshops and future art productions. We’d love to collaborate with any of you who are interested in this project. Feel free to shoot us an email using the Contact Us button below to share your ideas with us!

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Online Event with Hidakuma ft. hotel around Takayama Project

We participated in an online event on Monday, October 18 in collaboration with Hidakuma to discuss the hotel around TAKAYAMA project, a project in which artists used scrap wood and local resources to create artwork for the hotel.

The production process began with a trip to the town of Hida led by our director Daniel Harris Rosen and included artists KASHIHARA SHINPEI, Mariya Suzuki and simo, who visited the surrounding forests and local woodworkers to understand the materials and principles of sustainability before any artwork was created. The completed artworks reflect the discoveries and insights from this process.

During the event, we discussed the power of art and collaboration while also listening to the artists’ individual experiences from this project. We were so happy to hear that they enjoyed this project and we were glad to be a part of it. It was a wonderful opportunity to be able to discuss with everyone at this event.

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