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July 2022 DexNews


Vision Art Workshop at Hapag-Lloyd Japan!

For the grand opening of Hapag-Lloyd Japan’s new office, TokyoDex conducted a workshop with employees and installed artwork in their new space.

Members of Hapag-Lloyd Japan gathered for a workshop to discuss their vision for the company, what kind of organization they wanted to be, and the important values to prioritize. All of the participants expressed their future aspirations in the form of a collage artwork. Then artist Ryoko Utsunomiya drew inspiration from participants’ artwork to create a Vision Wall visualizing the future of Hapag-Lloyd.

In the boardroom, SHINPEI KASHIHARA created an elegant mural that overlooks the Imperial Palace. The client requested that we carry over some of the Japanese garden and "wa” elements they had in the previous office, so the artwork features the iconic Mt Fuji and also doubles as a stunning backdrop during online conferences. The artist applied paint to his fingers to create cherry blossom petals that gently engulf Hapag-Lloyd’s container ship as it departs on a voyage around the world.


Office Art by Shio, Our 6th Mural Rookie!

TokyoDex began the Mural Rookies project in 2020 to support up-and-coming artists who wanted to try their hand at creating large-scale works of art. For the sixth installment of this project, illustrator Shio added a cheerful touch to our office with her bright colors and bold lines.

In this mural, Shio interpreted the theme “Better with Art” by painting moments from her own life when art broadened her perspective and brought her joy. Whether from the first time she began working as an illustrator in New York City, or the various experiences and motivations born of her time in Los Angeles, Shio’s mural is full of joyful moments from her life with art.

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