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2020 TokyoDex Logo Project

Stay Creative, Stay Connected

In 2018, graphic designer Hiroto Nagai helped us re-envision the TokyoDex logo as a symbol of diversity, creativity, community and transformation. Instead of introducing strict logo guidelines, we hoped our logo could act as a canvas to be interpreted in innumerable ways by the many people in our creative community. 


Over the past two years, members of the TokyoDex team have riffed on the logo to celebrate Halloween, bring in the New Year, or even sing the praises of Staying at Home. 


During these challenging times, we hope the TokyoDex logo can be a source of inspiration for all creators out there, young and old, who can help us transform this symbol of collaboration into a personal work of art. 


Just download a blank logo template from one of the links below to get started. Please share your work on your Instagram or DM us with the hashtags #StayCreativeStayConnected and #DexLogoProject and tag @TokyoDex. Selected works will be shared/reposted on our social media. Let’s all stay connected through art!

TokyoDex Logo Project Guidelines

  • You can print out this pdf and draw on it by hand, or create a digital artwork directly using this file as a base. 

  • Please don’t change the size of the logo or move any of the parts. (Adding to or enhancing the parts is fine.)

  • By sending us your original artwork, you agree that TokyoDex may share the logo artwork you created on our website and social media platforms. We will not use your logo artwork for any revenue-generating activities (creation of merchandise, etc.) without first receiving permission from the artist.

Click on the icon to download a printable template

(It can be printed in A4 size.)

Please download this template if you are going to create your artwork digitally.

If you don't have a printer at home, you can also use a drawing app on your smartphone to create your artwork, such as PicsArt Color Paint.

PicsArt Color Paint

iPhone versionAndroid version

We recommend using this app if you are new to creating art on your smart-phone. It’s easy to load images and you can use a variety of colors and pens as well.

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