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mymizu Art Bottle

mymizu is a platform with a mission to reduce single-use plastic consumption through its free water refill app, community, activities and collaborations. To celebrate World Water Day, TokyoDex collaborated with mymizu to create an original art bottle that is available on the mymizu online shop.

The art bottle was created in collaboration with over 100 members of the mymizu and TokyoDex communities. During the production process, we collected keywords and sketches from the community with the themes "a world where people carry their own bottles and care for the environment" as well as "the importance of nature," which artist Kazu Tabu later used to create the final artwork.

The artwork depicts outdoor activities like canoeing and cycling, renewable energy, and a jellyfish that symbolizes the flow of water, water’s contribution to the larger flow of nature and how it supports people's lives..

We hope that this art bottle will spark your imagination and encourage the change to a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle.

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Mar 2021


Kazu Tabu

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