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Wall Art

Tokyo PortCity Takeshiba

In preparation for the opening of Tokyo Port City Takeshiba, TokyoDex was asked to create a mural that blended digital and analog elements on the 76-meter long wall on the 8th floor, called the creation floor, with the theme of "The Future of Takeshiba." In collaboration with artist Jay Shogo, and motion graphics creator Nagai Hoshino, we completed a line art mural depicting the future of Takeshiba and the sea breeze from Tokyo Bay.

Projection mapping becomes an integral element of this mural, creating a new futuristic cityscape while vividly mapping out the future of Takeshiba to viewers. Through the use of both analog and digital techniques, combined with inspiration from both history and new technology, the mural conveys our excitement and expectations for creating a new future.


Tokyo Port City Takeshiba Office Tower 8th Floor


Mar 2020


Jay Shogo

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