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This&That Café

This&That Cafe is a bimonthly event open to the public in which artists from all genres and backgrounds share their time and talents in the spirt of forming a creative community. Held at the esteemed underground art space, SuperDeluxe for over 8 years, it is a place where music and visual arts meld in unexpected collaborations and a forum for artists from afar to meet with local luminaries amidst the dense and eclectic pool of talent in Tokyo. Since its inaugural event in 2010, This&That Café has become a staple of the Tokyo art scene, with and upwards of 300+ guests attending each event. It has become a place to gather, exchange ideas, share artistic inclinations and wax poetic in a causal community of old friends and new acquaintances. Now in its ninth year #TnTCafe has spawned the genesis of countless new friendships and ongoing artistic collaborations, the ripples of which can be felt across the pulse of the city today. With SuperDeluxe closing its doors in January 2018, we are looking for a new venue to host this amazing event.


Roppongi SuperDeluxe




Various artists

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