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Office Art

Tamachi Office Art 02

TokyoDex completed an extensive art installation for an IT company with new offices in Tamachi. For phase 2 of this unique office build in Tamachi, we collaborated with artists Takuya Kamioka, Miku Nemoto and simo to fuel the creative energy running through this space.

Takuya Kamioka’s mural is perfect for the quaint lounge area by depicting petals flowing like water, giving the impression of both comfort and inspiration. Miku Nemoto’s artwork in the great hall symbolizes the random particles that exist in the space all around us. These interlocking word-like symbols are meant to represent the company’s teamwork and creative power in a simple yet powerful way. Installation pieces were created by artist simo, taking inspiration from the name of the room “Osais.” Each part of the whole is a separate piece of wood, all created in varying thicknesses to create a textured effect with sandy ocean colors and wave-like patterns.

Each artist's originality brings new discovery and inspiration to all the employees and guests utilizing the respective spaces.


Tamachi, Tokyo


Sep 2019


Tetsuya Kamioka, Miku Nemoto, simo

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