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Office Art

Tamachi Office Art 01

TokyoDex completed an extensive art installation for an IT company with new offices in Tamachi. We were given free range with colors and themes to achieve a sophisticated yet welcoming office interior.

Murals from Maharo, STONE63, BAKIBAKI and Michinori Maru highlight the beautiful architecture found in their respective areas while colorful and abstract semi-sculptural pieces from Frankie Cihi and JONJON GREEN enhance the relaxation areas. We also created a light box with artist Takeru Iwazaki, a beautiful statement piece that welcomes employees and guests into the office.

Each work of art is created to enhance the aesthetic of each space. The installation works transform as the viewer moves onsite, bringing a unique new feeling to the space.


Tamachi, Tokyo


Mar 2019


BAKIBAKI, Frankie Cihi, JONJON GREEN, Maharo, Michinori Maru, STONE63, Takeru Iwazaki

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