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Vision Art Workshop

SURUGA Marketing & Tourism Bureau

Suruga Marketing & Tourism Bureau is the agency responsible for promoting tourism in Shizuoka City. While having a diverse team is one of their strong points, it also poses some challenges to workplace collaboration. TokyoDex came in to help by designing and conducting a Vision Art Workshop that would strengthen communication among their team.

During the workshop, participants shared their interpretations of "empathy," one of the organization's core Action Guidelines, and asked them to create their own collages based on the ideas that emerged from that discussion.

The collages were made using paper cutouts, making them easy to work with even for those who do not have any background in art or design. Participants worked enthusiastically on their collages, tearing paper by hand and gluing it together.

At the end of the workshop, a designer from the TokyoDex team scanned and digitally reassembled the team's collage pieces into a single artwork. Since the final work is digital data, it can be used to create a variety of novelty goods such as folders and postcards.

The team expressed their thoughts on the workshop afterwards saying, "I felt much closer to my team and was able to see sides of them that I wouldn't normally see at work," "I found myself absorbed in the process. It was really fun!" and "I have never thought too much about the Action Guidelines, but by discussing them with the team, I was able to relate to them better."


SURUGA Marketing & Tourism Bureau


Dec 2021



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