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Office Art

Plenus Co., Ltd.,

For Plenus Co., Ltd.’s new headquarter in GINZA SIX, TokyoDex collaborated with four artists collaborated to create original art prints in the entrance hall. Yoji Yamaguchi expressed "Meiji and Taisho Era" with his warm hand-drawn touch. Tokio Aoyama depicts the "Showa Era" with nostalgic motifs in a pop style, Mori Yuu stylishly depicts life in "Modern" Japan, where cutting-edge technology and tradition are fused together, and Kazu Tabu beautifully depicts the unique creations that may happen in the "Future" with imaginative and thought-provoking expressions.




Jan 2023


Yoji Yamaguchi, Tokio Aoyama, Mori Yuu, Kazu Tabu

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