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Office Art


When German sports car manufacturer Porsche was renovating their Tokyo office, they asked TokyoDex to create a mural that focuses on the keywords "colorful” and “traditional but innovative.”

Created with both a Japanese and Western touch by artist Frankie Cihi, the art is featured in the office’s central lounge that overlooks Tokyo Tower. As this is where employees go to unwind, the work was created to radiate a relaxing atmosphere while naturally drawing the eye from the entrance to the windows.

It’s a very special piece for Frankie, who has admired her father’s Porsches since childhood. With curved lines that span the full expanse of the wall, the piece also calls to mind a road of adventure for a Porsche driver. Frankie's signature nature-inspired colors also reflect Porsche's emphasis on a sustainable future.


Toranomon Hills


Dec 2021


Frankie Cihi

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