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Vision Art Workshop


PERSOL CAREER provides job search websites such as “doda” and a variety of human resources services. TokyoDex was commissioned to create a vision wall for them to help visualize their corporate mission “Give people the power to own their work-life” to employees and visitors to their office.
Employees from different departments participated in a workshop, tasked with coming up with and deepening understanding of PERSOL CAREER’s mission. Some examples raised were “people who follow the path they believe in,” “people who don’t give up even when faced with difficulties,“eople whose lives and work are integrated and well balanced.” Through these discussions, participants created illustrations based on keywords identified in the workshop, and artist Youhei Takahashi drew inspiration from those drawings to create this wall art.
The work depicts the Chinese zodiac animals overcoming all obstacles, moving towards hope by following the path they believe in. Animals live based on instinct and survival. They are a symbol of the integration of “living and working.” The Chinese zodiac symbolizes an infinitive activity cycle and suggests living a full life despite all of its ups and downs. Construction cones and red traffic lights we and “pre drawn as symbols of distress and difficulties. These things present challenges to the animals, but rather than submitting, the animals harness their strength to move forward. This wall art conveys the animals’ positivity and strength of will to follow their own path as they grow to overcome their challenges. The shadows of the animals are painted in PERSOL GRAY, the corporate color of PERSOL CAREER. This color was chosen to amplify the lighter tones and make the animals’ expressions more vivid.


Otemachi Bldg.


Dec 2019


Yohei Takahashi

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