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Office art

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

In February 2022, members of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry(METI) gathered for a workshop to discuss the essence of METI. Some of the keywords that emerged from the discussion were "diversity," "passion," "innovation" and "hands-on action." Inspired by the discussion and participant sketches, the artist unit WHOLE9 created a Vision Wall under the direction of TokyoDex.

Two hands drawn in separate directions represent the opposing sides of METI: the outward appearance of an organization always in action and the inner workings that are rarely visible to the public.
METIʼs aptitude to implement innovative mechanisms and achieve solutions is represented in the scooping hand, using a cooler color palette and straight lines. The passion and drive that may not be apparent from the outside is depicted in the grasping hand reaching out, using warm colors and curved lines.

Motifs sketched by participants during the workshop and integrated into the artwork include an airplane, which portrays earnest and straightforward initiatives, lightning, symbolizing swift response, and a diamond to portray strength. Some of the motifs are front and center, while others remain hidden within the details, so we invite viewers to look closely at the art and discover them all. The entirety of the motifs, lines and colors mixing together in the Vision Wall represent the diversity and transformations taking place at METI.


Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Annex 3F


March 2022



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