Office Art


Midas is a Tsukiji-based design firm that has designed offices for a number of well-known companies.

TokyoDex worked with three artists, JONJON GREEN, Shinpei Kashihara, and Mariya Suzuki to add artwork to three areas of the office to spark the imagination of Midas' employees and create a space brimming with creativity.

JONJON GREEN brought light to the space with a colorful pop-up pattern incorporating the Midas logo. Shinpei Kashihara spray-painted a landscape with autumn leaves, creating a space that sharpens focus and senses. Mariya Suzuki painted the Tsukiji cityscape and the people who gathered there to bring warmth and liveliness to the lounge space.

Each artist's individuality is expressed in each space, creating a varying atmosphere throughout the office.


Round Cross Tukiji


May 2018


JONJON GREEN、Shinpei Kashihara、Mariya Suzuki