Office Art


One of the world’s largest life insurance companies, last year in Autumn MetLife moved into two new Tokyo offices at Tokyo Garden Terrace and Olinas Tower, and the TokyoDex team was extremely excited to be adding four #DexMurals to these innovative spaces. We selected four artists--Mariya Suzuki, Shimpei Kashihara, Frankie Cihi and Takeru Iwazaki-- to create four carefully curated motifs for each area. When the artworks were complete, they both transformed the space and at the same time melded with the original office designs as if they had always been there. Please check out the photos below to see the amazing artworks come to life!


Olinas Tower


Nov 2017


Mariya Suzuki、Shinpei Kashihara、Frankie Cihi、Takeru Iwazaki

〒156-0041 東京都世田谷区大原 1-25-4 エタニティ大原2階

Eternity Ohara 2F 1-25-4 Ohara, Setagaya, Tokyo 156-0041

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