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Vision Art Workshop

Maruzen Yoshudo Online Vision Art Workshop

In September 2020, Maruzen Yushodo employees gathered online for our Vision Art Workshop. The workshop was designed as a place to rethink what "communication" means in order to discover new ways of communicating among employees as telework becomes more commonplace.

During the workshop discussions, a wide variety of opinions were exchanged on the meaning of communication, such as "compassion to understand others," "integration of self and others," and "a means to connect with each other through both verbal and nonverbal communication.”

The finished work of art can be used as a virtual background for online meetings. This participant-sourced artwork created through the online Vision Art Workshop becomes a reminder of the discussion that helped to create it as well as the overlying company vision, even when you are away from the office.



Feb 2021


Mameko Maeda

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