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LOEWE x Studio Ghibli "Spirited Away"

As part of the Loewe x Studio Ghibli "Spirited Away" campaign, TokyoDex was asked to create a hand-painted advertisement on the escalator wall at Shibuya PARCO. Normally a work of this size would be printed, especially considering the level of detail required, but the client wanted to make the piece one-of-a-kind to to match this one-of-a-kind campaign.

To take on this daunting task, we tapped artist Jay Shogo, who not only creates his own artwork but also has a solid design background with skills to match. In just three days using spray-paint carefully color-matched to the original work, Jay masterfully recreated the character “No-Face” to kick start the new year 2022. No-Face will keep us company in our world on PARCO’s 10m wide x 7m high wall for the next three months.


Shibuya PARCO


Jan 2022


Jay Shogo

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