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Vision Art Workshop

KDDI research atelier Vision Art Workshop

KDDI research atelier conducts research/analysis, development and practical application to develop innovative lifestyles by implementing cutting-edge technology. TokyoDex worked with the artist unit WHOLE9 to create a Vision Wall that visualizes the prosperous future of KDDI research atelier.

Around 60 members of KDDI Research, Inc. gathered for a workshop designed to visualize the future of KDDI research atelier. During the discussion, many unique concepts came to light, such as the KDDI research atelier becoming “a place brimming with new discoveries and inspiration upon every visit,” “a savannah where the unknown lurks,” and “like a comfortable hometown where you can be yourself.”

Drawing inspiration from these discussions, WHOLE9 envisioned a piece that captures the excitement and synergy felt when the exchange of diverse ideas and values mix. Contrasting ideas such as “Past vs. Future” and “Danger vs. Safety” are interwoven throughout the work. Therein lies the aspiration for the research atelier to become a testing facility for the exploration of undiscovered worlds, supported by the fusion of new encounters and technologies.


KDDI research atelier


Jul 2021



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