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Wall Art

Interactive Wall Art with Upcycled Paint

TokyoDex, in collaboration with the painting company Nuries Inc.,, has been working on an initiative to reuse upcycled paint (waste paint) to create art. For this project, we used the exterior walls of the Nishi-Hachioji Wataru Building to give shape to the owner's wish that the building would become a place for everyone to challenge themselves. Artist Shinjiro Tanaka used a variety of lines to express the connection between people and the liberation of the soul.

This initiative, which is also a part of the community development, included food trucks by local businesses, craft workshops, and other events planned at the production site. On the day of the event, a part of the mural painting was made participatory, so that many people in the community, from children to adults, were able to experience and enjoy the art.


Nishi-Hachioji Wataru Building


Dec 2021


Shinjiro Tanaka

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