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Office Art

Indeed Japan

For the opening of their Tokyo flagship, Indeed brought TokyoDex in for the early stages of development to make sure that the artwork would be an integral part of the overall design. The office was designed by The Design Studio (TDS) with a sense of color and style highly influenced by Japanese geography, fashion and art. We met with TDS just as they were developing this concept, so we could make sure the artwork would stay on theme, reflecting traditional Japanese culture while also incorporating more modern motifs. Our largest project to date, the art installations cover 16 walls, measuring from 4 meters to 14 in length. ranging in size from 4 to 14 meters in length.


Sumitomo Realty & Development Azabujuban Building


Jan 2018


Shinpei Kashihara, Tadaomi Shibuya, Jay Shogo, METEOR GRAPHICS, Gerutama, Rinpa Eshidan, Whole9

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